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Biomechanics/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Nurmekivi Movement Awareness and Muscular Perception Running.pdf 223.98 KB
Biomechanics/General Concepts/Mechanics Definitions.pdf 37.03 KB
Biomechanics/General Concepts/Nytro What is correct technique guide.pdf 100.25 KB
Biomechanics/General Concepts/Tidow Models for teaching Techniques and Assesing Movements in Athletics.pdf 60.58 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Madella Speed in the Horizontal Jumps.pdf 10.24 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Schexnayder Mechanics of the Jump Approach.pdf 88.30 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Sidorenko The Run-up in Horizontal Jumps.pdf 57.30 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Young The Takeoff in the L and TJ.pdf 370.88 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Bothmischel Model Characteristics of HJ Run-up.pdf 132.53 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Dapena Biomechanical Studies in the High Jump and the Iplications to Coaching.pdf 73.94 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Despina Fosbury Flop Technique.pdf 1.80 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Dickson High Jump Introduction.pdf 368.93 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Lucas Run-up Curve in HJ.pdf 533.50 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Schubin Approaching heights - Model parameters of HJ.pdf 968.57 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Stirzhak Common Faults in HJ.pdf 45.42 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Tellez Elements of HJ.pdf 1.02 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/High Jump/Tidow High Jump Model.pdf 374.20 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Long Jump/BLJ_Popov_How_To_Improve_RunUp_Speed_and_Precision.pdf 74.69 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Long Jump/BLJ_Shuyong_How_To_Make_Full_Use_of_Speed_Potential_in_the_Long_Jump_Run_Up.pdf 34.75 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Long Jump/McLean A Biomechanical Analysis of the Long Jump.pdf 114.87 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Schexnayder Displacement Characteristics in the Long Jump.pdf 32.00 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Schexnayder Simplifying the Long Jump.pdf 26.98 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Tidow Long Jump Model.pdf 314.45 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Weidner Characteristics of the LJ Technique.pdf 224.34 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Adamczewski Run Up Velocities in the PV.pdf 16.34 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Boiko Something New in PV.pdf 149.56 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Clapson The Perfect Vault.pdf 4.71 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Jagodin Bubka Above the Bar.pdf 220.54 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Katsikas PV as a dbl pendulum and penetration.pdf 133.94 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/McGinnis Mechanics of PV Take-off.pdf 5.89 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Nikolov PV Run-up.pdf 47.19 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Nikolov The Contemporary Take-off.pdf 88.77 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/NSA Photosequence Sergey Bubka PV.pdf 3.02 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Tidow Pole Vault Model.pdf 416.28 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Yagodin Sergei Bubka- 601.pdf 94.71 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/BTJ_Kreyer_The_Keys_to_Jonathan_Edwards_Success.pdf 671.07 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Hay Biomechanics of TJ Technique.pdf 1.14 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Hutt Triple Jump Model.pdf 119.26 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Krejer Run-up & Take-off in TJ.pdf 112.87 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Kreyer About the Female Triple Jump.pdf 100.80 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/NSA Photosequence Markov TJ.pdf 47.11 MB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Portnoy Triple Jump Rhythm Parameters.pdf 99.27 KB
Biomechanics/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Schexnayder Triple Jump Technique.pdf 38.00 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Brown 400mH The Race.pdf 53.89 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Brown Clearance Technique Differences in the High and 400m Hurdles.pdf 77.09 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Coh 3D Kinematic Analysis of the Hurdles Technique Bukovec.pdf 24.31 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Hucklekemkes 100H Model.pdf 1.36 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/McFarlane Womens 100mH.pdf 309.82 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/McLean Force Plate Analysis of Hurdling.pdf 2.35 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Mero Biomech analysis of Hurdling Events.pdf 240.96 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Muller Biomech. Research at World Champs Athens Hurdles.pdf 13.02 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/NSA Photosequence Devers 100mH.pdf 13.01 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/NSA Photosequence Donkova 100mH.pdf 1.42 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Stasney Technique and Rhythm Development for Womens 400m Hurdlers.pdf 151.87 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Tellez The Hurdles From Start to Finish.pdf 918.88 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Tidow 110 H Model.pdf 1.01 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/Brown Go Signal Intensity Influences the Sprint Start.pdf 323.19 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/BS_Donati_Development_of_Stride_Length_and _Stride_Frequency_in_Sprint_Performance.pdf 119.79 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/BS_Velicity_Dispersions_U_Bolt.pdf 299.38 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/Davis NSA Photosequence Flo Jo.pdf 6.71 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/Muller Biomech. Research at World Champs Athens Sprints.pdf 12.38 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/NSA Photosequence Carl Lewis 200m start.pdf 4.32 MB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/Ozolin the tech of the sprint start.pdf 60.94 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/Tupa Fatigue Influenced Changes in Sprinting Tech.pdf 78.46 KB
Biomechanics/Sprint Events/Sprints/Vonstein Some Reflections on Maximum Speed Sprinting Technique.pdf 210.59 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Altmeyer Tech and Training of the DT and SP.pdf 499.50 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Arbeit Differences in the Throwing Technique in the Discus for Men and Women.pdf 71.95 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Bartonietz Discus Delivery Ground Contract or Not.pdf 23.00 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Bartonietz WC Throwing Events Tech of the Worlds Best Discus.pdf 32.56 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Dapena New Insights on DT.pdf 533.92 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Grigalka Looking at the DT.pdf 129.71 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Kemp Some Aspects of the DT.pdf 126.02 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Knicker- Kinematic Characteristics Discus Throw.pdf 269.00 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Thieurmel Comments on Schmidts Kinogram.pdf 3.37 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Tidow Discus Model.pdf 590.87 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Discus/Vrabel Problems of Advanced Discus Throwers.pdf 108.30 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Bartonietz Biomech Aspects of the Performance Structure in Throwing Events.pdf 165.50 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Bartonietz Training of Technique and Specific Power in Throwing Events.pdf 430.63 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bartonietz Analysis of Different weight and length HT.pdf 124.38 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk 3 or 4 turns.pdf 40.23 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk Hammer throwing.pdf 443.25 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk Modern Trends in HT.pdf 42.76 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk Technique in HT.pdf 370.27 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Dapena Hammer Biomech.pdf 325.96 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Guerin Comments on Sedykhs kinogram.pdf 3.49 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Jaede Hammer Technique.pdf 412.66 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Losch Hammer Biomech.pdf 236.07 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Otto Hammer Biomech.pdf 461.79 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Otto HT WR Photosequence Sedych.pdf 5.89 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Photosequence - HT Olga Kuzenkova.pdf 18.28 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Romanov Extrenal Structure of HT.pdf 58.86 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Hammer/Vrublevsky Some Model Characteristics of Womens Hammer Throw.pdf 57.94 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Bartonietz WC Throwing Events Tech of the Worlds Best Javelin.pdf 51.38 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Bottcher Technique of best female JT in 97.pdf 5.79 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Dimitrusenko Steve Backley and Viktor Zaitsev Throw the Javelin.pdf 486.99 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Dmitrusenko The Contemporary Jav Tech.pdf 242.84 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Morriss Biomechanical Analysis of mens JT.pdf 500.66 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/NSA Photosequences 27 28 Javelin Zelezny Raty.pdf 69.06 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Ogiolda Javelin and the Role of Speed.pdf 146.82 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Thieurmel Javelin Observations.pdf 264.80 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Tidow Javelin Model.pdf 579.90 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Torim The Javelin Run-up.pdf 112.19 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Javelin/Whitbread Javelin Photosequence.pdf 18.18 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/Bartonietz Energy Relationship Rotiational Glide SP Techniques.pdf 162.16 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/Bartonietz Rotational SP Technique Biomechanic Findings and Recommendations for Training.pdf 788.04 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/Brouzet Comments on Baryshnikovs Kinogram.pdf 2.65 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/DiMarco Rotational Shot Put Drills.pdf 5.20 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/DiMarco Rotational SP Guide part 1.pdf 183.57 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/Kemp SP Improving the Glide.pdf 72.08 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/Larsen Variations in SP Methods their App .pdf 64.67 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/NSA Photosequence 10 Timmerman Gunthor Andrei.pdf 20.29 MB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/Palm Balance in the Rotational SP Technique.pdf 248.36 KB
Biomechanics/Throwing Events/Shotput/Poprawski The ABCs of Throwing Spin or Glide.pdf 74.98 KB
Coach Development/General Concepts/Dick A Professional Attitude Towards Coaching.pdf 120.07 KB
Coach Development/General Concepts/Dick Time for Coaches to Take Care of Business.pdf 2.07 MB
Coach Development/General Concepts/MFarlane Interview in UK Coach (Oct. 2004).pdf 458.92 KB
Coach Development/General Concepts/Parker Basic Concepts for Coaching Athletics.pdf 256.03 KB
Coach Development/General Concepts/Saunders Analogy as a Coaching Tool.pdf 63.60 KB
Coach Development/General Concepts/Sports Science 2-4_Denison.pdf 98.35 KB
Planning and Periodization/Endurance/Belishko A Structure of Steeplechase Training.pdf 49.56 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Arbeit Training Periodisation.pdf 373.39 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Bondarchu Periodization.pdf 30.22 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Lehnert Short Term Prep for Major Comps.pdf 81.03 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Matveyev About the Construction of Training.pdf 374.25 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Matveyev Modern Procedures for the Construction of Macrocycles.pdf 38.83 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Matveyev%20The%20Dynamics%20of%20the%20Training%20Load.pdf 146.84 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/PPGC_Bondarchuk_The_Transition_Period.pdf 6.76 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/PPGC_Tschiene_The_Priority_of_the_Biological_%20Aspect_%20in_the_Theory_of_Training.pdf 154.41 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Verhoshansky%20The%20End%20of%20Periodization.pdf 99.59 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Verkhoshansky Organization of the Training Process.pdf 10.49 MB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Viru Basic Principles Applicable to Macrocycles.pdf 189.63 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Viru Planning of Microcycles.pdf 70.02 KB
Planning and Periodization/General Concepts/Viru Some Facts About Microcycles.pdf 144.50 KB
Planning and Periodization/Jumping Events/Popov The Organisation of Training Process in the LJ.pdf 38.66 KB
Planning and Periodization/Jumping Events/Schexnayder Organizing and Planning Training.pdf 23.45 KB
Planning and Periodization/Jumping Events/Taranov A Cyclic Blocks System for Jumping Events.pdf 109.16 KB
Planning and Periodization/Sprint Events/Jushkevitch The A and Z of Sprinting.pdf 0.99 MB
Planning and Periodization/Throwing Events/Discus/Levchenko About the Planning of Training of Elite DT.pdf 13.06 KB
Planning and Periodization/Throwing Events/General Concepts/General and Event Specific Considerations for Peaking.pdf 536.84 KB
Planning and Periodization/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Pfaff Developmental Concepts for the Field Eventers Training Year.pdf 34.27 KB
Psychology/Borsov An hour before the start.pdf 49.84 KB
Psychology/PCG_Hastie_Hannan_Feedback_to_Athletes%20Strategies_for_improving_competitive_performance.pdf 72.63 KB
Psychology/PGC_Simons_Competition_Plans_and_Routines.pdf 28.32 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Higgins Beyond Speed in the Decathlon.pdf 56.32 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Maksimenko Final Prep Phase in the Decathlon.pdf 192.18 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Masimenko The Final Preparation Phase in the Decathlon.pdf 171.72 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Shelkov Running Loads in Decathlon Training.pdf 119.72 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Trkal Development of combined Scoring Tables.pdf 444.16 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Ushakov Some Aspects Influencing Decathlon Training.pdf 153.44 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Verhoshansky Specific Features of the Decathlon.pdf 122.34 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Vinduskova Womens Decathlon.pdf 53.82 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Decathlon/Westera Redefining the decathlon scoring tables.pdf 117.71 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/General Concepts/Dick Throws in the Combined Events.pdf 2.68 MB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/General Concepts/Mansvetov Strategy in Multiple Events.pdf 684.30 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/General Concepts/Portnoy What Do Figures Tell Us.pdf 248.20 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Heptathlon/Ushakova Heptahlon Combinations.pdf 79.48 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Heptathlon/Vinduskova Training for Combined Events Athletes - Girls.pdf 107.58 KB
Theory and Methodology/Combined Events/Heptathlon/Westera Under Attack the Heptathlon Scoring Method.pdf 153.63 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Bideau Coaching Middle and Long Distance.pdf 75.29 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Faccioni Training and The 800m Event.pdf 45.72 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Jones Physiology Womens WR Holder Marathon.pdf 936.92 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Kulakov The Anaerobic Threshold in Marathon Training.pdf 146.14 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Kutsar Some Physiological Aspects of Middle Distance Training.pdf 36.30 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Neumann TRAINING CONTROL WITH EVENT SPECIFIC ENDURANCE TESTS.pdf 161.52 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Nurmekivi Capacity of the Respiratory System.pdf 113.13 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Nurmekivi Local Muscular Endurance in Middle Distance Running.pdf 55.17 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Nurmekivi The Combination of Different Training Means in the Preparation of Elite Middle Distance Runners.pdf 141.09 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Polunin and Narskin Development of Speed Strength in Middle Distance RUnning Training..pdf 74.46 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Schmidt Tactics in Middle Distance Running.pdf 80.22 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Suslov How Much Strength is Needed in Endurance Events.pdf 75.20 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Thompson Article Priming for action and recovery.pdf 216.29 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Thompson The New Interval Training.pdf 1.90 MB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Bueno_Altitude_Training_Problems.pdf 80.69 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Laurendet_Physiology_and_Blood_Lactate_Response_in_Middle_Distance_Running.pdf 39.43 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Nikitushkin_What_A_Coach_Should_Take_Into_Account_in_the_Prep_of_Young_Runners.pdf 91.82 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Nurmekivi_About_the_Specificity_of_Endurance_Training.pdf 49.09 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Nurmekivi_Karu_Pihl_Lembert_Jurimae_An_Evaluation_of_Perceived_Readiness_of_Distance_Runners.pdf 129.23 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Nurmekivi_Physiological_and_Pedagogical_Factors_in_the_planning_of_training_in_endurance_events.pdf 57.79 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Petscha_Practical_Remarks_on_Middle_Distance_Running_Training.pdf 118.62 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Pilone_The_Training_Methods_of_Three_Famous_Distance_Coaches.pdf 21.71 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Tikhonov_The_Balance_Between_Aerobic_&_Anaerobic_Capacities_in_Distance_Running.pdf 46.86 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Verkhoshansky_Block_System_Training_in_Endurance_Running.pdf 101.92 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Verkhoshansky_Block_Training_Endurance_Intro_and_Contents.pdf 352.77 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Views_on_Competition_Preparation_in_Endurance_Events.pdf 73.04 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/TMEGC_Vuorimaa_Running_Economy_and_Its_Control.pdf 64.63 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Tschiene Developmental Reserves in Endurance Sports.pdf 173.72 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/General Concepts/Verkhoshansky Block Training for MD Runners.pdf 739.29 KB
Theory and Methodology/Endurance Events/Steeplechase/Belishko Pre Competitive Phase in Steeplechase Training.pdf 92.98 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Bondarchuk Transfer of Physical Abilities in the Jumps When Using.pdf 666.86 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Bourne Specific Strength in Hor Jumpers.pdf 129.55 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Bourne Specificity of Horizontal Jumping Performance.pdf 41.26 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Hilliard, Pfaff, Boas Bourne Round Table- Horizontal Jumps.pdf 96.27 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Homenkova Running Training in the Jumping Events.pdf 49.58 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Kutsar Optimal Strength Development in Jumping Events.pdf 34.94 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Popov How to Improve Run-up Speed & Precision.pdf 127.53 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Schexnayder Speed and Power Development for the Horizontal Jumper.pdf 45.83 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Young Specificity of Strength for Improving Take Off Jumping Events.pdf 197.44 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/General Concept/Zotko Small Details Decide Success.pdf 47.98 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/High Jump/Bourne Specific Strength Development in HJ.pdf 109.44 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/High Jump/Jarver Experiences in Development of High jumpers.pdf 56.58 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/High Jump/Kuporosov Philosophy of explosive power HJ.pdf 55.87 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/High Jump/Pfaff Skill Acquisition & Correction for High jumpers.pdf 45.68 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/High Jump/Portnov Physical Capacities of High Jumpers.pdf 43.89 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/High Jump/Tsherepanov Methodical Development of HJ Technique.pdf 124.28 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Klepsch Views & Ideas on LJ Training.pdf 55.59 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Klimmer Towards 9m in LJ.pdf 90.71 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Lewis In Search of The Holy Grail.pdf 56.81 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Locatelli Sprinting Speed Foundation in LJ.pdf 87.52 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Popov Specific Exercises in the LJ.pdf 144.49 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Strishak The Secrets of LJs.pdf 95.84 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Alabin Training Aids and Specialized Exercises for PV.pdf 128.98 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Kzresinski PV Conditioning.pdf 54.98 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Steinacker The Run-up Speed in the PV.pdf 103.88 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/TMPV_MAAC_Round_Table_Pole_Vault.pdf 95.19 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Golubtsov Development of triple jump for women.pdf 228.40 KB
Theory and Methodology/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Kreer Methodical Aspects of Womens Triple Jump.pdf 295.91 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Duffield Energy System contribution in Track Running.pdf 10.68 MB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Joch Dimensions of Motor Speed.pdf 101.55 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Nurmekivi Some Aspects of Speed Development in a Nutshell.pdf 78.38 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/TMSGC_Robertson_Merits_of_Speed_as_opposed_to_Endurance_for_400mH.pdf 40.06 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Trentacoste Sub-Maximal Running Tables.pdf 56.14 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Verkhoshansky Quickness and Velocity.pdf 111.46 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Verkhoshansky Speed Training for High Level Athletes.pdf 355.06 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Verkoshanky Principles for training aimed at speed development.pdf 5.94 MB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/General Concepts/Vovk Specificity of Adaptation to Alactic-Anaerobic Direction Training Loads.pdf 130.34 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/Breizer Womens 400m Hurdles training.pdf 575.90 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/Brejzer The 400m Hurdles a Summary.pdf 39.19 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/Letzelter Speed and Tech in the 100mH.pdf 641.70 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/McFarlane A Simple Way to Periodize Hurdle Drills.pdf 110.27 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/Svoboda Speed and Coordination Problems in the 110m Hurdles.pdf 326.89 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/Szczepanki The 100m Hurdles.pdf 248.85 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/Vonstein Tech Dev of Junior 400M Hurdlers.pdf 57.08 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Hurdles/Vrublevsky Strength Development in the 400mH.pdf 36.28 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Relays/Vilkov Sprint Relay Training.pdf 43.17 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Relays/Vonstein Tech as a perf factor in the 4 x 100m relay.pdf 85.73 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Relays/Zhubryakov Prep of Sprint relay Teams.pdf 65.76 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Borzov Training Procedures in Sprinting.pdf 59.65 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Breizer An Analysis of Sprint Performances.pdf 632.71 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Faccioni Assisted and Resisted Methods for Speed Development Part 1.pdf 43.97 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Faccioni Assisted and Resisted Methods for Speed Development Part 2.pdf 180.23 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Gagua Sprint Reflections.pdf 646.54 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Goldrin Development of Muscular Relaxation in Sprinting.pdf 54.71 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Harre The Development of Speed.pdf 46.30 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Juantorena Specific Training for the 400-800mRunner.pdf 943.06 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Lavrienko Non Traditional Sprint training.pdf 40.99 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Letzelter Resistance Runs in Speed development.pdf 141.33 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Levtshenko Some Q and A on Womens sprinting.pdf 166.62 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Locatelli The importance of anaerobic glycolysis and stiffness.pdf 18.51 MB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Maslakova Sprinting Versatility or Specialization.pdf 573.30 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Pendergast NRG systems and the 400m.pdf 50.62 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Saraslanidis Training for the Improvement of Maximal Speed Flat Running or Resistance Training.pdf 3.33 MB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Schroter Standards for the Sprint Start.pdf 67.66 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Szewinska A Years Training Program for women sprinters.pdf 62.93 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Tabashnik The Aims and Planning of Sprint Training.pdf 128.21 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Tabashnik Views on Sprint Training.pdf 139.37 KB
Theory and Methodology/Speed/Sprints/Ushko Structure of Sprint Training.pdf 154.34 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Bartonietz Biomech of the Snatch Toward a Higher Training Effect.pdf 298.11 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Bondarchuk Effect of Strength Microcycles.pdf 25.29 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Bondarchuk Experiments with Strength.pdf 79.61 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Cometti Scientific Bases of Modern Strength Training.pdf 803.37 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Homenkova Dev of Strength in Physical Conditioning.pdf 131.50 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Nurmekivi Some Aspects and Viewpoints on Strength Dev.pdf 98.52 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Ozolin Conditioning Exercises.pdf 520.83 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Pfaff Alternate Methods for Developing Strength, Power, Mobility.pdf 40.65 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Pfaff Guidelines for Plyometric Training.pdf 41.93 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Popov A Selection of General Condition Exercises.pdf 314.80 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Schexnayder Plyometric Training.pdf 33.51 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Schmidtbleicher Short Term Increase of Explosive Strength Through Max Arbitrary Contrac.pdf 118.91 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Schmidtbleicher Strength Training Structure Principles and Methodology.pdf 421.76 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Tidow Aspects of Strength Training in Athletics.pdf 1.73 MB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Tihanyi Development of Explosive Strength According to Muscle Fiber Types.pdf 66.12 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/TMS_Pampus_Lehnertz_Martin_The_Effect_of_Different_Load_Intensities_on_the_Development_of_Smax_and_Strength_Endurance.pdf 86.74 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Verhoshansky Development of Special Strength in Speed Power Events.pdf 94.89 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Verkhoshansky Maximal Strength Training in Speed Strength Sports.pdf 80.86 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Verkhoshansky Resistance exercises as specialized means.pdf 205.76 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Verkhoshansky Super Methods of SPP.pdf 1.05 MB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Winfried Strength Development.pdf 25.84 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Young Neural Activation in Power Events.pdf 73.22 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Yuktasir Comparison of weight training methods.pdf 1.62 MB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Zatsiorsky Intensity of Strength Training Fact and Theory Russ and Eastern Euro Approach.pdf 290.34 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Zeinalov Developing Leg Strength.pdf 182.28 KB
Theory and Methodology/Strength/General Concepts/Zelentsova Hurdle Exercises in General Conditioning.pdf 352.72 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Discus/Harness Long term preparation for advanced female discus throwers.pdf 2.15 MB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Discus/Pensikov Specific Exercises for Throwers.pdf 165.44 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Discus/Riveri Structure of the Training Per for the Discus Throw.pdf 28.53 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Discus/TMDT_Leutschenko_Berestovskaya_The_Main_Elements_in_the_Planning_of_Training_for_Elite_Discus_Throwers.pdf 192.81 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Altmeyer Conditioning Training of Throwers S&P Development.pdf 251.51 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Arbeit the performance Situation in the Event Group Throwing 2007 Osaka .pdf 84.35 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Bakarinov Theoretical Aspects of Training Control for Highly Qualified Throwers.pdf 93.07 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Bartonietz Strength Training for Throwers.pdf 160.14 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Bingisser An Introduction to block training.pdf 119.99 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Bondarchuk Relationships Between Technical and Physical Training.pdf 34.69 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Endeman Conditioning the Throws athlete.pdf 152.19 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Joch Increase in the Release Velocity as the Main Objective in Throwing Events.pdf 69.16 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Miller Bondarchuk Interview 2.pdf 52.89 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/NSA Roundtable 30 Role of Speed in the Throwing Events.pdf 70.67 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Poprawski The ABCs of Throwing Jumps.pdf 65.44 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/General Concept/Tschiene Throwing Recent Trends.pdf 458.44 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bartonietz Analysis of Different weight and length HT.pdf 124.38 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bartonietz GDR Hammer Dev Model.pdf 311.55 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk Construction of Weekly Cycles Hammer.pdf 39.47 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk Interview.pdf 70.03 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk Pre Competition Training for HT.pdf 36.21 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Hammer/Kolody Development of Competitive Form HT.pdf 50.41 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Hammer/NSA Round Table - Hammer.pdf 227.47 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Arbiet The Javelin.pdf 940.37 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Babbitt A Season on the Edge.pdf 83.48 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Borgstrom The Development of the Javelin.pdf 1.65 MB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Fuchs Strength Training for Women Javelin Throwers.pdf 55.81 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Paranen Javelin Throwers in Helsinki.pdf 50.75 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Pedemonte Trends in Javelin Cond.pdf 56.61 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Saunders Interview with Bill Heikkila.pdf 57.71 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Stasjuk Gen and Spec Exercises for JT.pdf 227.93 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Utrianen - Questions to Utrianen.pdf 70.56 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Utrianen Difference in Mens and Womens Training for Javelin.pdf 3.20 MB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Javelin/Voronkin A Javelin Study.pdf 180.38 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Altmeyer Learning the Glide Shot Put Technique.pdf 328.45 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Babbit Rotational SP Training Hoffa 2003.pdf 80.07 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Babbit Rotational SP Training Hoffa 2004.pdf 88.60 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Babbitt Reese Hoffa Performance Structure.pdf 25.29 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Edward Saruls Views on SP.pdf 210.76 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Pedemonte Trends in Shot Training.pdf 52.56 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Poprawski SP Training - Remarks of Champions.pdf 51.55 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Poprawski Strength, Power & Speed in SP Training.pdf 112.13 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Smid Training of the Elite SP.pdf 264.52 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Stasjuk- General and Specific Exercises for the SP.pdf 242.83 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Vasiliev Varied Weight Shots in Power dev..pdf 61.89 KB
Theory and Methodology/Throwing Events/Shotput/Zukov Werner Gunthor-His Technique and Training.pdf 431.37 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Bakarinov Restoration in the Throwing Events.pdf 53.92 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Calder Faster, Higher, Stronger.pdf 180.25 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Engelbrecht Injuries, Biomechanics & the Implications for The Coach.pdf 38.99 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Homenkova Some Aspects of Restoration of Work Capacities.pdf 54.77 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Kutsar Views on Post- Injury Recovery Procedures.pdf 40.60 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/McFarlane Eating Your Way to Succes.pdf 93.27 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Meitern Overtraining and the Role of Pharmacology.pdf 71.29 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Pahlke Peters Recovery after Athletic Loads.pdf 227.58 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Schexnayder Common Sense Guidelines for Rehabiliations.pdf 45.09 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/TRRGC_Rieder_Dietmar_Sabire_Regeneration_After_Sporting_Loads.pdf 105.18 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/TRRGC_Stellingwerf_Beta_Alanine_Summary.pdf 83.37 KB
Therapy, Recovery, and Restoration/Zalesskii Muscle Condition and Work Capacity in Track and Field Athletes.pdf 57.71 KB
Youth Development/Combined Events/General Concepts/Higgines Multiple Events for Elementary Schools.pdf 881.56 KB
Youth Development/Combined Events/General Concepts/Jerabek Prep of Jr Athletes for Combined Events.pdf 75.81 KB
Youth Development/Combined Events/General Concepts/Kulvet Lemberg Martsin Preparation & Development of a Junior Decathlete.pdf 173.24 KB
Youth Development/Combined Events/General Concepts/Siris Evaluation Procedures for the Selection of Potential Decathletes.pdf 236.23 KB
Youth Development/Endurance Events/Endurance/Kulakov & Nikitushkin A Long-term Structure of the Preparation of Distance Runners.pdf 50.54 KB
Youth Development/Endurance Events/Endurance/Kutsar%20Tech%20and%20End%20Development%20in%20Young%20Children.pdf 54.81 KB
Youth Development/Endurance Events/Endurance/Morozov About the Development of Young Race Walkers.pdf 45.41 KB
Youth Development/Endurance Events/Endurance/YDEGC_Palenoi_How_To_Avoid_Overtraining.pdf 39.34 KB
Youth Development/General Concepts/Arbeit Practical training in 1st and 2nd decades of development.pdf 9.24 MB
Youth Development/General Concepts/Becker Ideas for Supplementary Competitions.pdf 153.36 KB
Youth Development/General Concepts/Dick 21st Century Strategy for Attracting and Retaining Young athletes.pdf 171.49 KB
Youth Development/General Concepts/Loko Sensitive Periods in Physical Dev.pdf 68.75 KB
Youth Development/General Concepts/Sharp Some Features of the Anatomy and Exercise Physiology of Children Related to Training.pdf 62.52 KB
Youth Development/General Concepts/Suslov About The Development of Physical Capacities.pdf 36.17 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Bourne Building Foundations for Strength in young Horizontal jumpers.pdf 58.07 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Fritzche Leg Power Exercises For Young Athletes.pdf 67.80 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Jeitner A Long-Term Training Structure for Jumping Events.pdf 244.28 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Mekhonoshin Jumping Power for the young.pdf 122.23 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Roshchupkin Guidlines for teaching Jumping Events.pdf 34.83 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/General Concepts/Yuchkevitsch Training Suggestions for Young Hor Jumpers.pdf 27.50 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/High Jump/Bourne Teaching the Flop HJ.pdf 56.93 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/High Jump/Cover Initial Development of Young High Jumpers.pdf 58.99 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/High Jump/Inkina Progressive Development of girls in HJ.pdf 289.41 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/High Jump/Lohmann Intro to HJ.pdf 471.13 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/High Jump/Portnov Learning Drills in the HJ.pdf 294.72 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/High Jump/Schroter How to Correct Common HJ Faults.pdf 85.83 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/High Jump/Taranov Teaching of a Basic HJ Tech.pdf 29.92 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Jarver An Introduction to the LJ.pdf 91.15 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Lohmann Development of Basic Long Jump Techique.pdf 94.41 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/Long Jump/Lohmann LJ for Beginners.pdf 152.26 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/Pole Vault/Kruber%20An%20Introduction%20to%20PV.pdf 66.35 KB
Youth Development/Jumping Events/Triple Jump/Schexnayder Teaching Progressions for the Beginning Triple Jumper.pdf 36.98 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Begletsov Placement of Hurdles for the Young.pdf 535.07 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Chtshennikov Teaching Girls to Hurdle.pdf 68.83 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Lohmann The Development of Young Hurdlers.pdf 37.61 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Pereversev Selection of Potential Hurdlers.pdf 411.97 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Schmolenski Basic Hurdles Training.pdf 21.31 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Hurdles/Schroter Basic Hurdling in Four Stages.pdf 58.40 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Sprints/Erdman Sprinting Technique in Basic Training Phase.pdf 45.82 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Sprints/Fedorets Preparation of Junior Female 400m Runners.pdf 34.44 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Sprints/Jarver Basic Sprinting.pdf 75.02 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Sprints/Kutsar The Bulgarian Sprints and Hurdles system.pdf 196.65 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Sprints/Saunders Five components of Sprinting.pdf 32.13 KB
Youth Development/Sprint Events/Sprints/Tabashnik Training of Young Sprinters.pdf 49.24 KB
Youth Development/Strength/General Concepts/Bachmann Exercises for Young Sprinters and Hurdlers.pdf 126.97 KB
Youth Development/Strength/General Concepts/Jarver Young Athletes and Strength.pdf 231.12 KB
Youth Development/Strength/General Concepts/Klaus Stregth development of Young Athletes.pdf 23.57 KB
Youth Development/Strength/General Concepts/Korneluk Training of Beginning Weightlifters.pdf 12.33 KB
Youth Development/Strength/General Concepts/Loffler Strength Dev Possibilities for Young Athletes.pdf 140.99 KB
Youth Development/Strength/General Concepts/Young Athletes and Weight Training.pdf 43.94 KB
Youth Development/Strength/General Concepts/Zhuk Alternative to Strength and Power Development for Young Athletes.pdf 39.58 KB
Youth Development/Talent ID/General Concepts/Aule Loko Selection of Young Athletes.pdf 250.98 KB
Youth Development/Talent ID/General Concepts/Kutsar Hereditary Prerequisities in the Selection of Potential Talent.pdf 46.19 KB
Youth Development/Talent ID/General Concepts/Loko Talent Selection Procedures.pdf 86.32 KB
Youth Development/Talent ID/General Concepts/Schroter Predicting Performances of Young Athletes.pdf 74.46 KB
Youth Development/Talent ID/General Concepts/Siris How to Predict Sprint Potential.pdf 146.96 KB
Youth Development/Talent ID/General Concepts/Suslov Contemporary Approach to the Estimation of training and Prospects of Young Children.pdf 190.05 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Discus/Barcla Some Basic Hints to Young Discus Throwers.pdf 352.79 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Discus/Jarver%20An%20Intro%20to%20the%20DT.pdf 199.56 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Discus/Sinitsin A few hints for Novice Discus Throwers.pdf 53.92 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Discus/Taylor How to Improve Talented School Age DT.pdf 267.14 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Discus/Watts Developing a Better DT.pdf 493.55 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Endemann Teaching of Throwing Events.pdf 84.19 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Grieser Development of the Ball Throw.pdf 421.26 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Grieser- Organisation of Basic Throwing Training.pdf 86.12 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Kemp Coaching the Throws.pdf 206.07 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Lenz Speed and Power Oriented Training of Young Throwers.pdf 442.96 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Lenz Training Young throwers.pdf 64.03 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Maltseva Instructing Young Throwers.pdf 102.19 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Poprawski The ABCs of Throwing For Beginners.pdf 69.26 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Rudermann Instructive Aspects in the Development of Throwing Techniques.pdf 38.86 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/General Concepts/Rudman Development of Throwers.pdf 65.48 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Hammer/Bondarchuk Selection & Training of Youth & Jr hammer throwers.pdf 158.01 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Hammer/YDHT_Petrov_Hammer_Throw_Techinque_and_Drills.pdf 55.06 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Javelin/Karatajev Some Observations About Javelin Training.pdf 136.48 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Javelin/Lohmann An Introduction to JT.pdf 137.92 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Javelin/Roy Javelin For Beginners.pdf 351.66 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Javelin/Torim How to Develop a Basic JT.pdf 243.80 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Javelin/Torim Young Athletes and the Javelin Throw.pdf 48.76 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Javelin/Utriainen Javelin Training in Finland.pdf 79.69 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Shotput/Dunn Developing the Young SP.pdf 314.87 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Shotput/Lenz Learning SP Tech.pdf 68.84 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Shotput/Oberbeck SP for Students & Non-specialists.pdf 123.55 KB
Youth Development/Throwing Events/Shotput/Oesterreich Rotational Shot Put Technique Model.pdf 74.17 KB 47.00 B
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